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You Are Not Just a Shower to Us!

Our Customer Experience

After all my years experiencing contractors, these contractors were the best. The most professional of any I have had. I was 200% satisfied!

(Install pictured below.)

Chris did an excellent job & was very professional & courteous. It was a great experience. I would recommend Chris to anyone as an installer.

Patricia Rose

Donna & Rodney Rice

Chris is very professional & he has great craftsmanship. The installation was performed wonderfully. The final job was beautiful. The explanation on the tub was thorough and complete. Chris was patient & very kind.

Carie Mix

Chris and son were here on time and was professional throughout. He offered options of colors on wall surrounds and tub size. He explained all aspects of work performed. As well as demonstrated use and air jet self cleaning. GREAT JOB!

Chris was very efficient and courteous. My neighbors came out in droves to see my tub! Chris explained everything to them. Love the work produced.

Paul McKinney

Mary Munro

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